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I love YouTube. More and more my viewing habits have leaned toward smaller length videos mostly on YouTube. I got my favorites. I have been enjoying the "C" team on PennyArcadeTV. I love the commentary and lets plays from Datto. Comedy from CollegeHumor. Super fun prop and costume making with PunishedProps

The big hole I have is books. I've tried some BookTubers but I haven't found any that really speak to me. Most of them use the format that is common to most YouTube bloggers. The dialogue that's cut up and stitched together, with a "vigorous" tone and pacing. I don't like to watch that. Not with regularity anyway. Other's I've seen are kind of low on quality. Video quality that is. An understandable  limitation as nobody in the world of BookTube is operating in the million view lands of the upper echelon of YouTube.

The exception is probably Winx and Ink, though I only just recently found her channel, so I'm not sure if I'll be a regular viewer or if she'll join the legion of channels I'm subscribed to but don't watch very often. Anyway, she's no annoying to watch. She's concise and clear in her reviews. The video quality is pretty solid. There's a squishable in the background. There's hope.

Sometimes my brain generates terrifying ideas like... maybe I could do my own show? I've proved to myself that I can crank out regular book reviews here on the blog, but can I turn that into regular video content? It would mean some changes. I'd want to do more recent books then working off my year old Goodreads list like I do on the blog. It also means putting aside more time to do video editing and the audience management that YouTube requires. 

To really be successful something like this probably needs multiple videos every week. That's a heck of a commitment from someone that just wrote a blog piece about all the things he's done that aren't writing his new book.  

I see an opening though. With the rush of books that are constantly coming out, especially in the self published market, there are lots of books that need reviews. If I can be the a loud voice for something on YouTube that could be a whole new career. 

Maybe I should just finish writing this third book before I start doing something new.  😬

Writing is hard. Talking about it is worse.

Writing is hard. Talking about it is worse.